1) What is this monthly scheme and who can avail it?
Our monthly scheme is a special endeavor to encourage our customers to invest in gold. A customer has to deposit a specific amount of money on a monthly basis for 12 months, at the end of which they can purchase gold , diamond or Platinum jewellery . At the end of 12 months , a customer gets the 13th month installment as a discount . For e.g. if You pay Rs 2000 for 12 months, you save up Rs 24000. To that, a discount of 2000( your initial deposit) is added . So your total savings amount to 12*2000=24000+2000(discount given)=26000 at the end of 13 months. This scheme can be availed by any one who is willing to purchase gold/ diamond/ platinum jewellery from us. Kindly Note gold coins/bars cannot be purchased under this scheme.

2) Do we require any ID to start a monthly scheme?
Yes, a Valid ID and address proof is required to start a monthly scheme.

3) What is the mode of payment accepted for our monthly schemes?
We accept cash/credit cards (Visa, Master card, Diners), debit cards as well as post dated cheques for our monthly schemes. For NEFT/RTGS transfers, kindly contact store.

4) What is the minimum period of time for which this scheme is valid?
This scheme is valid only after the completion of ( 12 + 1 month) 13 months, at the end of which, only the discount is given.

5) What if I discontinue this scheme before the period of 12 months?
If due to unfortunate circumstances, the scheme is discontinued , then in that case the individual may buy any product within the amount he/she has deposited with us till date. However no discounts and refunds will be given in that case.